4 great YouTube channels you should follow

YouTube channels are very popular now. There are YouTube channels for everything from music and entertainment to education and technology. Here are some great YouTube channels that you should follow.



This is one of the most visited websites in the world. It provides reviews, technology news, and downloads. The video channel is continuously updated with clips regarding technology. There are shows and reviews of various products. Everything in this channel are very professional.



It is a big technology website. It focuses on news and features. The video channel is updated many times a day with news reports, products, etc. This channel provides less focus on downloads and reviews.

Eli The Computer Guy


This channel has 40,000 subscribers and more than 3 million video views. It features various contents related to technology. This computer guy also has a website; but his YouTube channel is more popular.



This YouTube provides reviews of individual components of your devices, tips, and tutorials regarding various technology stuffs. There are 67,000 subscribers and over 27 million video views in this channel.

YouTube channels are great for marketing. It provides a lot of contents to the user. It is also a great you to get more traffic to your website. YouTube channels bring you closer to the audience and can be a source of revenue also. From an audience’s point of view, it provides a great platform for learning, getting the latest information, getting product reviews, and many more. YouTube channels that focus on technology has brought technology much closer to people.

Beginners guide to CSS and HTML

Knowledge of HTML and CSS are required to make a webpage. By learning HTML and CSS, you will learn to structure your web page correctly, add various elements, comments, image, text, links, etc. Here is the basic guide to CSS and HTML.

Basic tools required

You will need a number of tools to build your website. You will need a text editor to edit tet files; web browser to view web sites and an FTP client to transfer files across the Internet using the File Transfer Protocol. You can use Notepad as your text editor and Internet Explorer as your web browser.

Understanding terms

In HTML, the most common terms used are ‘elements’, ‘tags’ and ‘attributes’. Elements define the structure and content of objects within a page. Tags are elements surrounded by less-than and greater-than angle brackets. Attributes are additional information about an element. Common CSS terms are ‘selectors’, ‘properties’, and ‘values’. You should understand the meaning of these terms.

Setting up HTML document structure

HTML documents are saved with an .html file extension. In order to write HTML, you need a plain text editor. Dreamweaver and Sublime Text are popular text editors. All HTML documents have the following structure.

<!DOCTYPE html>, <html>, <head>, and <body>

Referencing CSS

You need to reference CSS file within the HTML. The best practice is to include all the styles in a single external style sheet that is referenced from within theelement of the HTML document. This way you can use the same styles across the whole website. There are other options for referencing CSS as well which includes using internal and inline styles. In order to create the external CSS style sheet, you need to use the text editor and create a file with a .css file extension. The CSS file should be saved within the sam folder as the HTML file. The element is used within theelement of the HTML document to define the relationship between the HTML file and the CSS file.

Using CSS Resets

Web browsers have their own default styles for different elements. Google Chrome’s style is different from the Internet Explorer’s style. In order to allow for cross-browser compatibility, CSS resets are widely used. CSS resets consider the common HTML element with a predefined style and provide one unified style for all browsers.

These are the basics of HTML and CSS. As you practice more, you will become more familiar with them.


3 most famous IT experts of 2016

IT experts have transformed the technology with their creativity and knowledge. They show us the path to success. Because of social media like Facebook and Twitter, it is now very easy to get connected with these experts.You can get suggestions, advices, know lots of things about technology by reading their posts on Facebook or by following them on Twitter. Here are the most famous IT experts of 2016.

Dennis Koutoudis


He is the founder of the company ‘LinkedSuperPowers’. It provides Dynamic LinkedIn Profile Makeovers and also LinkedIn Company Page Makeovers. The company creates Unique LinkedIn Profiles that help customers to achieve their professional goals. He is the most followed IT expert on Twitter right now.

Salah Amer


He is a robotic expert working for humanoid robotic company. He is the Demo Manager Aldebaran Robotics. He was a speaker at the Digital Tech Conference last year. He has many years of experience in this field and often appears as a public speaker in various IT events.

Eric Vanderburg


He is a cyber security, information technology and storage networking professional. He is currently the Director of Information Systems and Security at JurInnov. He is also a renowned writer and a speaker. He has been interviewed on radio and TV to discuss of information security. He participates in variou conference and seminars. He is a graduate of Computer Science from Ken State University. He has obtained more than 25 certifications in information security.

These experts are the most followed IT experts in Twitter. If you are in the IT profession, then you can learn a lot of things by following them. You can also hear them when they speak on various conferences and seminars.