IT experts have transformed the technology with their creativity and knowledge. They show us the path to success. Because of social media like Facebook and Twitter, it is now very easy to get connected with these experts.You can get suggestions, advices, know lots of things about technology by reading their posts on Facebook or by following them on Twitter. Here are the most famous IT experts of 2016.

Dennis Koutoudis


He is the founder of the company ‘LinkedSuperPowers’. It provides Dynamic LinkedIn Profile Makeovers and also LinkedIn Company Page Makeovers. The company creates Unique LinkedIn Profiles that help customers to achieve their professional goals. He is the most followed IT expert on Twitter right now.

Salah Amer


He is a robotic expert working for humanoid robotic company. He is the Demo Manager Aldebaran Robotics. He was a speaker at the Digital Tech Conference last year. He has many years of experience in this field and often appears as a public speaker in various IT events.

Eric Vanderburg


He is a cyber security, information technology and storage networking professional. He is currently the Director of Information Systems and Security at JurInnov. He is also a renowned writer and a speaker. He has been interviewed on radio and TV to discuss of information security. He participates in variou conference and seminars. He is a graduate of Computer Science from Ken State University. He has obtained more than 25 certifications in information security.

These experts are the most followed IT experts in Twitter. If you are in the IT profession, then you can learn a lot of things by following them. You can also hear them when they speak on various conferences and seminars.